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Two great citizens from Huehuetenango joined efforts to start this new project, Doctor Fredy Milton Morales and Doctor Haller Palacios. 


In his youth Doctor Palacios planted a cedar forest, bringing shad to the coffee trees and protecting fauna and flora in the lands from Palmira.

The farm is located at Aldea Palmira, municipality of La Libertad, where Mr. Haller was born he still lives at the coffee farm, with more than 40 years of producing coffee.

The Cedros de Palmira project starts in year 2013 when Haller´s son, Selvin Palacios began to commercialis in a joint venture with Fredy Morales and the Rosma Coffeeland team. The varieties and the different lots produced by the family were classified, dividing them into height ranges and by varieties, identifying the different profiles. 

Rosma Team carefully selected bourbon and caturras varieties where we reach really outstanding results in, aroma, +sweetness, +acidity and body.
In 2018, launched the specialty process under the management of the Rosma Team with production of honeys, naturals and washed coffees. During the harvest, Selvin and Fredy select from the different lots of the farm the ones that are going to be processed as washed at the farm and the honeys and naturals for the washing station in Huehuetenango city.

The washing station has all that is needed to achieve the highest quality standard, carefully monitoring the fermentation and washing at the right time with a channel of correteo 40 meters long that ensure the sharpest parchment sorting. 
The cloudy season during the harvest give us the chance of slow drying at patios.


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